Here at CPC we hope to provide a welcoming church family for new and returning students to be a part of. We believe that Christ’s first priority for students is the same as it is for all Christians - to get stuck into church with brothers and sisters of all ages.

Sundays: Church

We warmly welcome students to worship with us on Sundays. We’re meeting in-person morning (10.30am) and evening (6.00pm); follow this link for further details. We aim to ensure that students will be invited to someone’s home every Sunday during term-time. On the third Sunday of each month we also have a whole-church fellowship lunch which we encourage you to stick around for after the morning service.

Please contact the student team to find out more about our student ministry, and contact us if you need help with transport to church.

The Christian Mind

From 7:30-8:15pm, after the Sunday evening service, we host a seminar called ‘The Christian Mind’ which aims to help us think more like Christians and less like the world around us. The subject we discuss can vary, ranging from figures in church history to hot topics in the modern world. As a Cambridge student, it is easy to feel pulled in by the temptation to think in just the same way as your tutor, or as your non-Christian housemates. We especially encourage students to come to this seminar in the hope that this will help to form your mind according to the Word of God rather than the patterns of this world.  Check out the Christian Mind page for more information.

CPC Students

Although our first priority is to get students stuck into the church family, we also recognise that student life comes with its own unique joys and challenges. Students and young adults at CPC are warmly invited to come to CPC Students - a Tuesday night group Bible study hosted by Sam and Naomi Tunnicliffe. As well as the Bible you are also served tea and cake to make the event even more worthwhile! Check out the CPC Students page for more information.

Being a student at CPC

Meet Eleanor, a fourth year physics student at Fitzwilliam. Eleanor was converted during her first year, and explains how being part of CPC has helped her grow as a Christian.


We encourage our students to get involved in CICCU. The central meeting takes place on Thursday evenings and each college has its own group.